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Amena Elsaie.jpg

Amena El-Saie

Co-Founder & CEO

Ramez Maher.jpg

Ramez Maher

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Ilene Zeitzer.JPG

Ilene Zeitzer

M.A. President, Disability Policy Solutions, Brazil


Jay Cardinali

Worldwide Accessibility Manager, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, USA


John D. Kemp

President & CEO, The Viscardi Center, USA

Shehab El Nawawi.jpg

Shehab Elnawawi

Chairman and CEO at Giza Systems

Sherif Wahby.jpg

Sherif Wahby

Chairman, RISE Egypt, and Founder & CEO, Capital Executive Solutions, USA

Abdelhameed Sharara.jpg

Abdelhameed Sharara

Founder and CEO at RiseUp, Egypt

Amal Ibrahim.jpg

Amal Ibrahim

Human Resources Consultant and Master Trainer, Egypt

Marwa Kassem.jpg

Marwa Kassem

Master Trainer and Learning Consultant


Marco Pizzio

Member, Board of Directors at European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Italy

Caroline Maher.JPG

Caroline Maher

Disability Policy Advisor and Member of the Egyptian Parliament, Egypt


Laurel Van Horn

VP Director of Programs Open Doors Organization, USA

Maureen Gilbert.jpg

Maureen Gilbert

Disability and Equality Consultant, Ireland



Hadeel Hani

Senior Business Development Specialist


Youssef Hesham

Business Development Executive

Helm's Team_Yasmine.jpg

Yasmine Mokhtar

Marketing Communications Senior Specialist

Helm's Team_Marina 2.jpg

Marina Emad

Senior Graphic Designer


Nada Osama

Accessibility Auditor


Marina Michel

Accessibility Auditor


Sara Hany

Accessibility Auditor


Nour Hamdy

Senior Learning & Development Specialist


Helm's Team_Ayman.jpg

Ayman Gamal

Data Entry Executive


Iman Nasr

Projects Manager


Yasmin Amr

Projects Coordinator

Helm's Team_Youssra.jpg

Youssra Zakaria

Senior Accessibility Auditor and Project Coordinator

Omneya El yamany.jpg

Omneya El Yamany

Marketing Specialist at P&G; Omneya is an Adaptive Athlete, and the First Egyptian Adaptive Sky Diver.


Shaimaa Ibrahim

Marketing and Business Development Manager at an Egyptian consulting company. Shaimaa has a visual impairment.

Tarek Salem.jpg

Tarek Salem

IOT Expert and the Founder of I'm Home for Independent Living Company. Tarek is a wheelchair user.

Mahmoud Youssuf.jpg

Mahmoud Youssef

International Wheelchair Tennis Champion, HR Specialist at Vodafone Egypt, and an Alumnus of Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP).

Mohamed Sobhy 2.jpeg

Mohamed Sobhy

International Wheelchair Tennis Champion and Vice African 2018, and the Founder of “Fit-Ability” and the first Wheelchair Rugby Team in Egypt and the Middle East. Mohamed Sobhy is also a Merchandising Manager at L'Oreal.

Nabila Yahia.jpg

Nabila Yahia

A graduate of Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University, and currently works in the HR Department in Vodafone. Nabila has a visual impairment.


Omar Raif

Learning & Development Coordinator


Amira Mostafa

Learning & Development Coordinator


Ahmed Ezz

PWDs Recruitment Specialist


Omar Hesham

Project Coordinator


Sherif Hatem

Senior Financial Controller


Mai Osman



Rana El Zahaby

Senior HR Generalist


Zeinab El Serry

HR and Admin Assistant

Abdallah Essam.jpg

Abdallah Essam

Founder of SEVENS, Egypt's first Cerebral Palsy Football Team.

Amr Elsohagy.JPG

Amr Elsohagy

Captain of the Egyptian Paralympic Swimming Team, and a corporate lawyer at Cairo Airport Company.

Magdy Shahir.jpg

Magdy Shahir

Motivational Speaker and the Student Life Director at the Royal British International School in Cairo. Magdy was born with Cerebral Palsy.


Ahmed Ghazaly.jpg

Ahmed ElGhazaly

A human resources professional with 11 years of experience in multinationals of different industries; specialized in personnel, employee relations, labor law, social insurance parts, services, recruitment, and benefits.

Ayman Fawzy Hamed.jpg

Ayman Fawzy

Financial Manager, Vodafone Egypt Foundation

Dalia Abubakr.JPG

Dalia Abubakr

A digital communications expert with more than 20 years of experience in website management, web content writing, information architecture, analytics and optimization.

Eman Hussein.jpeg

Eman Hussein

Deputy CEO, Al Isamelia for Real Estate Investments; Eman has engaged in numerous Strategic Consulting assignments, related to diagnostic studies, strategic planning, market opportunity assessment, financial feasibilities, and international marketing planning; design and implementation of marketing programs.

Haitham Abdo.jpeg

Haitham Abdo

Human Resources Consultant; an expert in the fields of Talent Management, Organizational Development, and HR Operations Fields.

Ihab Anas Abdelrahman.JPG

Ihab Anas 

Regional Supply Chain Leader, P&G

With 11 years’ experience in Engineering, Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Organizational structure; Ihab is also a holder of MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

Khaled Aziz.jpg

Khaled Aziz

The Head of Quality Management, NASS. Khaled Aziz is a former architect who later found his passion in the field of vocational education, focusing on quality of education. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Total Quality Management (TQM) from the American University Cairo, and has successfully managed several accreditation processes with various accreditation bodies.

Salma Elnoshokaty.JPG

Salma Elnoshokaty

A socially driven Life Coach with a strong Marketing and Learning and Development background. She has experience in the fields of marketing, CSR, real estate, and training and development.

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