We aim to embrace and enhance every PWD ability, skill, and talent while providing the support, counseling, and training opportunities to foster their ambitions and fulfill their career goals.

Helm Career Advisors help PWD with:

  • Job search strategies such as: resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and a successful job search.
  • Finding internship and employment opportunities.
  • Applying to undergraduate, graduate, and professional school programs.
  • Reaching suitable training programs at Helm or through our training center partners.
  • Locating accessible services and facilities.

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Success Stories

"29 years old, Marketing supervisor at L'Oreal Paris, volunteer at Helm, wheelchair tennis champion. He hopes to make Egypt accessible for all."

− Mohamed Sobhy

"Helm met Magdy at the International Disability day in 2013. His parents struggled till he entered school and he graduated from the AUC last year. He is now working in a petroleum company in the Media team."

− Magdy

"It has been almost ten years since he started using a wheelchair. After an accident he had when diving into the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, his back broke and he was left paraplegic, unable to move his legs and fingers. But he began inventing ingenious tools for his everyday life, which today he uses for different activities, from shaving to lifting weights at the gym. The 30-year-old inventor also works as at Vodafone, where he monitors antenna towers, and volunteers at Helm."

− Tarek Salem

"she applied for Ford Foundation Scholarship and she got it. Shaimaa is visually impaired but this has not stopped her from graduating with a master's degree in marketing from New York University. She does "the hangout in the dark" workshop in Helm, as an experience for visual Impairment. She now works in a multinational company, in Business Development department."

− Shaimaa Ibrahim

"A former Kung-fu instructor and an athlete, he broke his back after the micro-bus he was riding fell from October Bridge in Cairo, in 2010. A few days later, he was sitting on a wheelchair for the first time. He began to train until he began competing in wheelchair tennis, ranked as Egypt’s top second player. He recently participated in tournaments in Holland and Kenya. After his coach introduced him to Helm, he landed a job in Vodafone, where he works as an HR administrator. And he is going for more: He wants to be the world’s top player."

− Mahmoud Yossef