Towards an Inclusive Workplace

Helm supports companies to develop effective disability employment initiatives, and to ensure an inclusive work culture and environment. Our consultants deliver expert assistance for the most challenging aspects of disability hiring, with a successful track record of effective hiring and retention results.

Helm Inclusion Consultants Help Companies With:

  • Gaining a better awareness of disability.
  • Fostering a company culture that is receptive to disability
  • Nurturing a disability inclusive effective recruitment process.
  • Integrating the disability candidates.
  • Approaching management from a disability perspective.

Make your Organization more Inclusive


"I am glad with our cooperation with Helm; the passion and quality they are extracting in any effort they do make them unique and successful."

− Rania Salah, Head of Talent and People Capabilities, Vodafone Egypt.


Accessibility is about giving equal access to facilities and services in the community for everyone. There are in-numerous obstacles that hinder persons with disabilities. Helm aims to make workplaces and various other types of locations accessible to all.

In partnership with Vodafone Egypt Foundation, Entaleq is an interactive and easy-to-use mobile application and website, locating all the accessible places across Egypt. Helm’s Accessibility Team works with your team to evaluate and customize effective solutions to meet international standards. Hence, listing your establishment on Entaleq and granting you more exposure and giving persons with disabilities the inclusion they deserve.

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